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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Trauma-Focused Care:

Trauma is something that happened to you. But trauma is not what defines you.​

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(pre)(inter)(post) ventions:

Counseling for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention (bereavement).

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Grief & Loss

Maybe you have lost someone. Or you've lost a relationship, a place, an identity. Let's step through those paces together.


Traumatic Grief & Loss:

Spoiler Alert: It's not the same. Specialized care for loss in the context of trauma.

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Perfectionism & Performance Pressure

Perfectionism is not all it's cracked up to be.

Performance pressure for athletics, academics, parenting, and professional work can be an ever-tightening vice.

Bottom line: There's help.

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Depression & Anxiety:

These two. So often, one fuels the other and soon enough, there's a vicious spiral we're pulled into, losing control and losing quality in our lives. 

Learn effective management skills to keep things in check.

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